Thanks for visiting Burnt magazine – for men who like their food well done

We’ve all gotta eat. Saying you’re into food is as obvious as listing laughing as one of your hobbies. But that doesn’t mean eating has to be dull.

Part food blog, part going out guide, and (increasingly as time goes on) a full-on magazine with interviews, features, and recipes for cutting the culinary mustard, Burnt is about embracing the fact that food makes your social life much, much better.

If a restaurant’s got a dress code, we’re turned off, but that doesn’t mean we consider the preparation of a Pot Noodle ‘cooking’. We’re into kitting out our kitchen, street food, good booze, and picking up some proper skills that’ll make dinner round our place the best way to spend a Friday night.

So join us on the journey from kitchen misadventurer to food master. It’s shaping up to be a little bit tasty.

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