CES 2016: Smarter launches more gadgets to connect our kitchens

UK tech company Smarter has launched three new gadgets to help bring our boring old analogue kitchens into the internet-connected era. The trio includes two gadgets designed to prevent you ever running out of essential ingredients again.

The Smarter Fridge Cam, Smarter Mats, and Smarter Detect were all unveiled at consumer technology enormo-event CES 2016 in Las Vegas, which is taking place this week.

The company has already wowed us with the Smarter Coffee machine and iKettle, so we’re looking forward to getting our hands on these new toys.

Supermarket SOS

smarter fridge cam
Let’s start with the Smarter Fridge Cam. It may look like a security camera from WALL•E, but it is in fact a potential lifesaver for when you’re shopping for dinner ingredients. Mount the Fridge Cam inside your fridge, and it’ll take a picture every time you open the door. Then, using an app, you’ll be able to view that picture over the internet wherever you are.

Can’t remember if you took the sausages out of the freezer to defrost? Call up the Fridge Cam. Not sure how much cheese you’ve got left? You get the idea. We think this is a genuinely useful kitchen-based tech, and we’re very keen to try it.

Another of Smarter’s three new products works along similar lines. The Smarter Mat is a flat, Wi-Fi-connected mat that can be placed in the fridge or a cupboard. Place the same pack on the mat every time you use it – such as the milk in the fridge, or the flour in the cupboard – and the mat will alert you when you’re getting low.
smarter mat

The accompanying app will even create a shopping list based on your stocks. If you’ve got a load of Smarter Mats all over the kitchen (and you’re extremely anal about where you put what), this feature could be a handy addition to your connected life.

The Smarter Mats come in a variety of sizes, the largest of which will monitor your stocks of four separate products.

Posh pinger

Finally, Smarter has touted a wall mounted gizmo that helps you keep track of various chores. The Smarter Detect can learn the various sounds your kitchen gadgets make – such as your microwave, oven, and washing machine – and alert you on your phone via an app when it hears the tell-tale ping.
smarter detect
This means you can be off cleaning the toilet, drying your hair or playing Pro Evo safe in the knowledge you won’t miss your beeping technology from the kitchen.

All these Smarter products work alongside a free app for Android and iOS. They should be available in the summer. How much they’ll cost hasn’t yet been announced, but CNET is reporting some approximate prices here.

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