Pasta plates for the spaghetti rookie

We all know the spaghetti-eating theory. Simply stick your fork in, twist it round nonchalantly, and place the neat little bundle of pasta into your mouth.

Well, anyone who’s eaten spaghetti bolognese wearing a white shirt will attest it’s never as simple as that. Spag falls off. Bol splashes on shirt. You ask for a knife and fork. Nearby Italians tut.

Well, premium plate brand Villeroy & Boch has come to the rescue with this range of ‘Pasta Passion’ pasta plates. The spaghetti-centric model (£34.90 for two) has a circular indent to aid your fork-spinning, while another model has an indent that helps you poke the last bit of penne onto your fork, while providing a neat rest for your cutlery. That one is £29.90 for two medium-sized plates, or £34.90 for the large set of two.

The range is finished off with a large serving bowl that also features a rest for your serving spoon.

Buy your pasta plates at the Villeroy & Boch website (and also enjoy the illustration of the gondala man whose oar is in fact a spaghetti-loaded fork).
villeroy & boch screengrab website

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