CES 2016: Samsung weighs in with a killer connected fridge

The connected fridge has become a kind of joke at tech trade shows. It’s been touted as a future-tech for so long that people have almost stopped listening. Almost. Because now, it appears to be happening.

When we say “happening”, we mean the likes of Samsung have got on board and created one that isn’t laughably useless.

The Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator may be priced at around $5,000, and therefore well beyond the reach of most families, but it is at least on the right track in terms of usefulness.

samsung family hub fridge

Previous smart fridges had screens akin to a BlackBerry circa 2007, so this big-ass display is a step in the right direction. So what does the Family Hub Refrigerator do?

Well, the main selling point is a giant 21.5-inch touch screen, which will let you play music and even stream the picture from a Samsung smart TV. Makes stirring the bolognese with the football on a lot less traumatic, eh?

The screen also lets you manage calendars and even leave your family members/flatmates digital notes. No magnets required!

What else? A series of cameras on the inner door frame takes snaps of the inside of the fridge, which are then sent to Samsung’s accompanying app so you can check out what you need when you’re at the supermarket.

The four-door design also has some pretty swish non-connected features. The massive, four-door design is one, and the option to have it finished in black stainless steel is another. You can also convert one of the freezer compartments to a secondary fridge at the touch of a button – great for when you’ve got tons of leftovers (or several cases of booze) to keep chilled.

You can read all about the Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator on the Samsung website.

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