Mixology homework with instructional cocktail tumblers

There are few things worse than watching an overly muscular gent spend the best part of 10 minutes elaborately mixing a cocktail, then charging £15 for the privilege. Well, with these new glasses from Prezzybox, you can skip the overpriced bars and make some mixes round your pad.

We’re not sure it’d impress anyone, given that the ingredients are printed on the side of each glass, but each of the four in the set has four cocktail recipes, making a total of 16 mixes for you to practice.

The tumblers are marked with quantities as well as ingredients – all you have to do is fill up the glass with the appropriate boozes and other liquids.

Classics such as the Boston Cooler, Whiskey Fix, Bloody Mary and Salty Dog all make an appearance. However, we’re not sure what you’re supposed to do if one of your guests asks for shaken, not stirred… as there’s no lid to speak of.

But at least these recipes will save you having to endure any more mixologists rolling a bottle over their shoulders and into their hand, just to pour a flipping shot of gin into a flipping glass.

The Bartending Glasses are available from Prezzybox for £14.95

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