Chicken Town takes on teens’ tummies in Tottenham

Listen up, shocking fact fans. According to Public Health England, 40% of 11-year-olds in Tottenham are obese. And chicken often gets the blame – fried chicken shops (more than 8,000 of them in the capital), selling dirty deep fried wings to kids on their way home from school, for a few quid a go.

But rather than hold their heads in their hands and weeping about the depressing nature of modern urban life, a start up called Chicken Town has come up with a brilliant idea to try and have an impact on this oversized problem.

Set up in a disused fire station in Tottenham, Chicken Town will open in the afternoons selling a healthy kind of fast food chicken to kids on their way home from school, matching the £1.99 price point of their filthier chicken shop rivals. At night, Chicken Town becomes a grown-up restaurant, serving street food style chicken to local food fans.

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It takes its chicken seriously too. It’ll serve herb-fed free-range chicken, which will be steamed before flash-frying. Sides include baked sweet potato wedges, fresh coleslaw and salad. High quality oils, minimised frying times, lowering salt and the ‘farm-to-table’ ethos should ensure fewer harmful fats and less sugars, says the company.

“By providing better versions of a fast food favourite, young people will start to think about their diet and how it affects their well being,” says Chicken Town director Ben Rymer.

It’ll run as a not-for-profit company, and chefs and staff will be mentored by people from some of London’s top eateries, such as The Clove Club, Quo Vadis, Polpo, Lardo and The River Cafe. The restaurant partners will also provide guest menu specials across the year.

Chicken Town opens its doors on Monday 9 November. It doesn’t take bookings.

Chicken Town
The Old Fire Station
Town Hall Approach Road
N15 4RX

Open 11am-11pm Monday to Saturday. 11am-5pm Sunday

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