Adam Liaw’s ‘no cookbook’ challenge

Listen up, kitchen fans – it turns out your four-cheeses-on-toast speciality isn’t quite enough to earn you your ‘Decent In The Kitchen’ stripes.

According to a new list by Australian Masterchef success story Adam Liaw (writing in The Guardian), there are 10 things we should all be able to cook before we’re the age of 30. And they’re not all a total walk in the park as far as we’re concerned – alarming considering we’re 35 next month…

The list is a mixture of things we covered off years ago (scrambled eggs) to dishes we don’t really have much of a clue about (a signature cake?!).

However, reading the list we couldn’t stop the urge to embrace the challenge. So, over the next few weeks, we’re going to test our age in cooking terms. We’ll cook each and every one of Liaw’s dishes from scratch, with no recipe books and no Google. And we’ll share with you how they turn out.

Here’s Liaw’s list – click the items to see how we get on. We’ll update the list as we work through it.

1. Scrambled eggs

An easy one to start, though it is alarming how often we screw it up.

2. Roast chicken
3. Pancakes

We’re kind of obsessed with these pancakes. Try stirring a cinnamon stick into the batter and leaving for half an hour before you start cooking.

4. A stir fry

Pad Thai is the ultimate stir fry – and so simple even we don’t need a cookbook to make it.

5. Something vegetarian

This mushroom risotto is our go-to veggie dish and a staple of the Burnt household diet.

6. A pasta that isn’t bolognese
7. Soup
8. Fried rice
9. A good stew
10. A signature cake

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