Recipes to feed your swearbox

It’s not often we find ourselves chuckling out loud in the irony-drenched environs of an Urban Outfitters shop. But that’s exactly what happened to us when we picked up What The F*@k Should I Make For Dinner?, a book by NYC chef Zach Golden.

Turns out it’s the book spin-off of a website – The premise is as follows: hip, easy-to-make recipes, absolutely littered with swears.

The first recipe in the book is kale with bacon, and it starts like this:

“Cook the bacon perfectly in a sauté pan over medium heat. Do not fuck this up, or you will ruin the best part of the dish.”

To Burnt, this is funny in and of itself, and we’re not sure if we should apologise for that or not.

The fruity language coupled with the feeling that each and every dish sounds really really good makes this book a winner. The website seems to have recently struck a deal with, meaning you may or may not get your cooking instructions with extra filth. Shame.

The book, though, keeps it rude throughout. And if our snickering is anything to go by, being directed to “boil the shit out of” something just doesn’t get old.

Get it at Urban Outfitters, or a few quid cheaper at Amazon.

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