La Fabrica: Tapas gem in North London

Holiday in Spain and you’ll eat tapas every time you order a drink and barely notice the expense. But wander up the road to your local tapas joint and you’ll invariably leave an hour or so later, kind of hungry and considerably skint-er.

But La Fabrica, a new Spanish hangout in Finsbury Park, North London, shows it doesn’t have to be this way. Push through the heavy curtain that hits you in the face as you walk through the door and you’ll find a cosy little hangout with all the rustic charm of a Spanish countryside bar. If they have countryside pubs in Spain. We assume they do.

The other problem with tapas in Blighty is that quite often it is exclusively deep fried or a variation on sausage and chips. La Fabrica smashes that preconception too, with a menu that takes in a load of flavours and ingredients.

For example, chicken livers with red onion, sherry vinegar and capers is a lovely clout of strong flavours, while our more traditional anchovies smothered in olive oil, vinegar, parsley and garlic had a lovely zing to them.

An excellent chickpea and spinach stew gave us some greens, and the meat platter we ordered had too much meat for two people, but we maybe could have worked that out from the name. We also got some deep fried aubergine and probably wished we’d gone for something more mysterious.

But with its easy atmosphere, excellent cooking and great value for money, we’re sure we’ll be back to try the rest of the menu.

Good for:
Intimate but not too quiet – ideal for a date
Small group

Bottom line:
Six dishes for two people and a carafe of wine was £56 including service.

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