Experimental jerk chicken

Browsing the many and varied chillies on offer on the fruit and veg stalls on Tooting High Road, we had a hankering for a mouth-on-fire experience.

So, we imagined what we thought might be necessary to make jerk chicken, and ended up bringing a load of Scotch bonnet chillies home (plus some birds eye chillies and also a gigantic, pale green chilli that we’re not sure quite what we’re going to do with).

We then found this jerk chicken recipe on the BBC Good Food website and set about making some Jamaican heat.

No fresh herbs in the house so we used some dried, and we also substituted ground cloves and ground cinnamon for allspice.

The main aim was a kick – and we weren’t disappointed. There was no time to leave in the fridge overnight and we reckon that’d make a difference. But there’s loads of marinade left over so there’s time to try it later.

Oh and seeing it’s a John Torode recipe, it’s necessary to watch Buttery Biscuit Base again. “It needs more oomph!”

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