Street Feast: London’s concrete banquet

We love the idea of “street food” – whether we’re recalling the authentic taco we found in Brixton or the hilarious E-Coli incident following the battered octupus tentacle in Osaka. Food from a stall is a risk – it might be festival noodle crap, or it might be awesome. The fun is in the trying.

We’re happy to report that triers at London’s new Streetfeast (running every Friday in April, May and June) will be rewarded well. Starting its residency tonight at Dalston’s Merchant Yard (kind of a potholed carpark with a view of some new hip flats at the back and Lock Stock locations either side), stalwarts of London’s foodie market scene were present – such as Sweet Tooth Factory and Anna Mae’s Mac N Cheese.

We sampled the Mama’s Jerk Station jerk chicken wrap, which was only a fiver and was a street food dream, all face-melting spice, fresh salad, and smokey barbequed chicken.

We also had a go on the chicken and coriander gyoza from Rainbo. Some of the mystery is lost when you see them coming out of the freezer in the trailer, but that’s forgotten when you tuck in. We got five for £4.

The Well Kneaded Wagon pizza van claimed to cook at 400C, but the sourdough pizza still came out a bit cold. And service in general is slow – though at least that means wraps, burgers, tacos etc are constructed fresh. We gave up on the queue at Anna Mae’s because they seemed to have ground to a halt altogether – will get in early next time (thought the carb/cheese combo early doors might slow an adventurous eater down… an important consideration).

There’s a bar doing a load of artisan beers (not sure where the loos are…) so next Friday the plan is to drink more – a case of the munchies a few hours into the night will be just the ticket for re-engaging the appetite and trying a few more things out.

Streetfeast, Fridays, 5pm-midnight

Merchant Yard
317-319 Kingsland Road
E8 4DL

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